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The new holistic approach to physical therapy


At Soma, we use a combination of clinical science blended with holistic Eastern healing methods like yoga to treat low back and neck pain. It’s a collaborative and integrated approach personalized for your own specific therapeutic needs. Our physical therapy program uses core strengthening, pilates, yoga, and myofascial release to help you reach your rehabilitation goals. We are also experts in care for all other orthopedic conditions.

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Mark Barnes Core Strength from Mark Barnes on Vimeo.

Soma also offers an innovative way for you to stay connected and get better faster with our online program Tx Xchange. Simply log on, follow your video-based exercises, communicate with your physical therapist, and get the professional guidance you need.

Our collaborative approach to care continues even between office visits. Tx Xchange (pronounced treatment exchange) is an online clinical management tool designed by Dr. Barnes, that allows us to communicate with you between office visits so we can answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to get better quickly. Another benefit of Tx Xchange is that you can more effectively replicate your exercises and postures at home with our high quality images and videos that illustrate the correct movements and simple instructions.

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